• Ratblood - Bodytronixxx.001

Ratblood - Bodytronixxx.001


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Raw & rugged gems from Micheal J. Blood & Tom Boogizm aka Rat Heart, together as Ratblood, serving this cassette up via their new $hotta offshoot Bodytronixxx -

If you're wise to how things run at the Shotta HQ, you'll understand that this one's raw and it's real, with the satisfaction of a creative urge at centre focus - no fuss, undergrund DIY style, take it or leave it.
This cassette is pretty much the only way you'll hear the sounds within, but trust us, it's worth satisfying your curious itch with these... The sonics inside are well versatile, hella funky, perfectly weird and full of swagger.

Get this Bodytronnix 001 tape, and while you're at it, you may as well pick up Bodytronixx001 - if you're like us, you'll be itching to hear more as soon as the tape's reached the last of its reels.... Plus, we're pretty sure these are the last of these cassettes for sale anywhere, so if you don't grab 'em... someone else will.