• Rathauz - Ciccio Bomba Cannoniere

Rathauz - Ciccio Bomba Cannoniere

Drowned By Locals

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*WARNING In my research for this piece I downloaded an app I found buried in the press release, drove around an airfield as a wolfman with a rifle, then unlocked a wrestling concept album on Youtube by jumping towards the light, became a subscriber for 20 Euros a year to get access to exclusive content and almost bought 5 grams of dirt harvested from the area surrounding the Rathauz studio.*

ciccio bomba cannoniere is a gateway drug, a gateway into the cybernetic multimedia cvlt of Rathauz.
And while a physical release might run counter to the insanely futuristic drive of the Rathauz, it's probably the album of the year so buckle up.

For the uninitiated the A side might play out like merely the best goddam side of actually fun techno you've heard in 2020s. Rollicking acidic galompers. Tbh most techno can get in the bin these days but this swinging evil continuum championed by Acidic Male / Giant Swan / Missterspoon is more than right by us. Rathauz add internet dial up noises, reggaeton shuffle, distorted screams and frayed EBM arps into this heady heady mix, showing they're about twice as interesting as the top 10 techno on Bandcamp already. Seriously RA would be creaming themselves to hit the recommend button if they could grow a spine in the office between them.

But THEN side B gets rolling with boom baps and distorted guitars in a kinda frat-trap circle pit. This is the sound online Rathauz disciples know and love; electro-punk-trap-pop twisted genius. Their scifi vision and demented humour reminds us most closely of our beloved Kinlaw & Franco Franco if Franco had spent more time living in Milanese squats. Policepunk=S.W.A.T. is classic anarcho scuzz hxc on speed and trap and.....maybe Show Me The Body albums and not enough sleep. Venetia-monitor rips off the riff to Smells Like Teen Spirit in glorious MIDI chaos. TLC is the most fun you can have in 2 minutes.

After listening we have only one question: WHERE ARE THE TECHNO PUNX MAKING ACTUAL FUCKING PUNK EH? And why not do it on the same album?
Cos you are never gonna get to crowdsurf at Tresor, kid. The bouncers will make you disappear and you WILL miss your flight back to Kansas.

God bless Drowned By Locals.
Vinyl with printed sleeve (with the best art you've probably ever seen).

1. Thauz 03:50
2. Stahlwerk 03:42
3. NUDNC 03:23
4. INFRANTVS 02:44
5. A-factorthz 02:26
6. Policepunk=S.W.A.T. 02:26
7. Venetia-monitor 02:32
8. TLC 02:12
9. A-contractor 01:51
10. अण्वस्त्र 02:29






Policepunk S.W.A.T.

Venetia Monitor