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Fresher-than-fresh RDL & SKRS works out of the brand new Roolingz Musik Studio, built by I Jahbar and the Duppy Gun / Bokeh Versions community (that counts all of you supporters too!) -

Here comes the ultimate summer dancehall stylee to knock any incoming winter blues out of the window, with ease - via the powerhouse of good stuff, that is Bokeh Versions.

Make some space (for your wind to waist) for the sounds of RDL Shellah (fka RDL) alongside SEEKEERSINTERNATIONAL aka SKRS on production.
This one comes with pure heart & soul, cool & deadly and smoother than smooth.

There’s a lovers-style sweetness to RDL’s vocals while SKRS’ totally unique riddims take in the kind of buttery soul we love about early cuts from Brandy or Monica, Ashanti or Montell Jordan, early 2000's RnB gold basically, but served with a distinctive jamaican flavour that feels at once contemporary and classic - RDL is on top form here, shooting for the stars and cruising the milky way with a drop-top and a gold watch that tells us 'timeless o'clock, whilst SKRS draws for some of the most straight-up big-hittin' rhythms and melodies we've ever heard come from this philipino-canadian-via-kingston genius cru.

Seriously - stop scratching your chin, and check the mirror for that big smile which will turn up once this music plays on your hifi of choice.
It's time to dress nice and walk even nicer - positive living for a positive life.

And hear this:
What you're seeing here, is another extra juicy fruit from a tree of labour & love -
Roolingz Studio >> Duppy Gun >> Bokeh Versions >> everyone who'll listen & support -
This is a truthfully righteous and fully respect-worthy connection from via the loose, yet strong international family that make this music thing happen.
In case you weren't already aware of the great connection being built between different people from different corners of the world - Music releases, studio's being built and housing for international guests and collaborators in Spanish Town, JA being built as we speak, hearts being touched internationally, with sincerity basically.

It's a message of unity and power in numbers, as equal parts of this WORLD DNA we all contribute to (or work against, if your values aren't set right!).

All you fakers chatting about being inclusive and building communities via twitter or whatever whilst talking down to people, why don't you try take some inspiration from some of the people not dealing with no fussin' or fightin', just doing good IRL and without any conflicting values - this is strictly music, strictly real people, strictly positive movements - real border-crushing community is what we're dealing with here.

In case you didn't clock what we mean here, check these words from BKV, to back up what we're saying, and to understand why we're so extra excited about all this:
"Showcase EP will also mark a new beginning: it’s the first music released out of the new Duppy Gun / Bokeh Versions / Roolings Muzik studio in Dam Head (near Spanish Town, JA). The studio represents a huge step forward for the Duppy collective from it’s humble country beginnings in the Westmoreland outback recording on borrowed gear. The new studio was financed through Bandcamp purchases of cassettes and fundraising tees as well as a few pay-what-you-like crowdfunding days on Duppy Bandcamp, and built by I Jah’s own hands. It shows the real fan-power driving this underground dancehall phenomenon and the fulfilment of I Jahbar’s collective vision (as head of Duppy operations in Jamaica).

The studio, run by I Jah, is a new level of autonomy for the collective, who are now able to voice tracks as quick as they come. It also provides a community hub for a growing group of young vocalists (mentored by I Jah) and global producers from France, Brazil, UK, USA, Japan and beyod. I Jahbar’s even able to earn a bit of cash on the side selling fresh fruit and sandwiches straight from the smoking area to passers by."

Seriously -
this is simply 1 million percent FIRE for heart & soul to shine bright.
Press Play and see for yourself.

Boom-lookin', and nxtlevel sounding tape, designed by BKV.
Comes with DL code for all 6 pieces of gold.

1. Turn Mi On 03:22
2. Bad Wine 03:23
3. Party Nice 03:55
4. Come Out 03:41
5. Rich Mi Proud 02:59
6. Touch Road 03:51

Bad Wine

Party Nice

Come Out

Rich Mi Proud