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Imported from source, the Damaged Bads LP -

Eight tracks of smashed and scuzzy sonics from mystery US duo Reanimator on Portland based Community Library.

Originally recorded to reel to reel tape in the year 2000 this LP has only just surfaced on Strategy's stateside imprint and we are glad it did. Y2K paranoia abounds in the form of broken Techno and outer reaches Electronic Noise.

Variety of form is the key to this album as BPMs shift up and down from sporadic freak out sessions like "Kopanitsa" with its concussion inducing percussion and completely deranged squeals and alien riffs to more down the line Acid based warehouse pumpers like "Building Zombies".

Tracks like "The President" are eerily prescient in their anticipation of the Dubstep that was just about to emerge in the early 00's, with its stepping' beat pattern, dub laced frequencies and a production aesthetic this record was really ahead of it's time.

Despite being over 15 years old, this record is perfectly at home in the current Techno and Noise left-fied, perfect for fans of labels like L.I.E.S and The Trilogy Tapes and artists like Tapes or Regis in his less punishing moments.

1. Hdp
2. Toweler
3. Kopanitsa
4. Damaged Bads
5. Zonneplein
6. Building Zombies
7. The President
8. Blue Noodles

The President

Building Zombies