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Red Snapper - SKRS Prince Blimey Dub Reconstruction


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NoCorner core crew and all-round dons SKRS step up to reconstruct a classic from the Warp Catalogue, Red Snapper's Prince Blimey. With design work by our very own Studio Tape Echo and Ossia being the son of one of Red Snapper's members, we have to say this tape holds a very special place in our hearts and, to our knowledge, we are the only other stockist aside from Bleep where you can get your hands on this. We couldn't find better words than by the label themselves so we'll hand over to them to describe how this tape came about:

"Red Snapper's 96 Warp debut Prince Blimey gets reconstructed by Canadian dancehall dons Seekers International. Following on from Seekers killer slew of mixtapes and records for the likes of Bokeh Versions, No Corner, ICS Library, Sneaker Social & Diskotopia. Needless to say, if these have found their way into your daily circadian rhythm, then Prince Blimey Dub Reconstruction is very much an essential port of call.

Having been back on the road for the past year touring Prince Blimey in its entirety, one of the operators at Warp had the idea to call on SKRS to offer a fresh take on the blunted classic. Singling out the elements they most enjoyed, the SKRS crew twist up the clattering trip-hop drums, smoked out mid 90's ambient atmospheres, and the rather Smith & Mighty style drum & bass loops to turn in a version excursion that is set to have all those familiar with Snapper's original bustling with a refreshed sense of joy. Updating the album for a generation trained on Ableton and the delights of YouTube playlist educations, Seekers chopped 'n' screwed mix throws in all manner of ragga and jungle sound bites and many a fine ring of the digi-dub siren delay to call out all Kangol hat wearing crews to wheel up and come again.

Those who still spin Mad Professor's classic overhaul of Massive Attack's Protection or Adrian Sherwood's Primal Scream reduction concoction Echo Dek will find much to enjoy here, a (past)future trip-hop classic of the highest order."

Limited to 150 copies.

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