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Stop just a second! You're lucky to even be reading about this one!

Private press industro-dub madness beamed from squat-life Northampton, circa the 80s.

Real relics acquired direct from Reducer guitarist and tape-loopist Hooly 'the Human Aerial; No other place to buy these at the moment.

Insant cop if you're into: Eric Random or Jah Wobble's restless dub globalism, African Head Charge, any 80s post-punk to be honest.

Step up step up the great lost industrial dub punks: Product is the one and only official release from sometime Temple of Psychik Youth associates Reducer. Rumoured to have almost signed to On-U Sound (their loss imho), Reducer have had a partial resurrection of their 30-40 year old cassette archive through their Bandcamp this year (inc. a mad 3 part crust rendition of the Sleng Teng Riddim).

R E D U C E R gave life as a gigging band & sound system but were unable to fund any kind of release, until the band finally ended in '92.

Catching up with their oral history online is eye opening. Tales of the Reducer Universal Soundsystem, toasting about Alastair Crowley over classic riddims, blues dances, early (UK) explorations in body modification, posters by Alan Moore. Sounds like you had to be there.....

But all this would just be journo-sensitive waffle if the music wasn't the gut punch revelation it is....

You drop the needle on cut up voices from the 80s TV doc quagmire, hammered stop and start through cassette decks and pedals over rough af drum machine marches inna Cabaret Voltaire tape edit paranoia. Into the cosmic soup goes twangs of mandolin and thumb piano and endless scratches and rewinds on 'Feast of the Dead'. 'Relentless Bombardment' is the dubbiest thing on here: huge basslines bouncing round a timely soundbite: 'Human animals in comfortable cages', swirling around the mix mantra-like as the words start to lose meaning.

'Dont Make Me Laugh' rolls in the driving Distorted fuzz bass that takes into almost Ministry territory (but with more Butthole Surfers kinda mischief), bird noises, manic laughter, crashing walls of noise and FX to oblivion - this ain't no musique concrete though. Just honest adventure sonics tracing the West's moral debasement.

'Lost Children of The Sun Gods' sounds like a perpetual summer of love told through disembodied voices and the web of Maya. Squalls of guitar feedback inject a drop of spiritualist post-psych noise like Spacemen 3 (with less navel-gazing).

We'll get more in stock as we sell more, but consider this a rare opportunity to right a cosmic wrong - Reducer for Christmas #1.

Tracks Recorded in 1985-87 Far Heath Studios, Northants.

A message from Hooly (from https://www.reducermusic.com/)

"I'm The Human Aerial, Tuning Constantly, Receiving & Transmitting - on Things Long Enough to Get It, Shred It and Push It Back Out....in Some Form of Creative Medium, Whether its Voice Cut Up or Guitar or Video.

That Such a Momentary Flash of Passion & Energy Left an Impression 35 Years Later is only as Astonishing as it is Obvious - We Were, For Those Few Golden Years, Where It Was At. Not Arrogance - just Happy, Lucky and Grateful That We Were Blessed Thus. To make the Music We Did Was Nothing Short of Possession - by The One True Spirit - Life, Not Because We Were So Good But That The Others Were So Bad."

Feast Of The Dead

Relentless Bombardment

Don't Make Me Laugh

Lost Children Of The Sun Gods