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Regis, with his first album since 2001 -

The long-awaited next LP from Karl O'Connor, veteran of the Birmingham techno scene and half of British Murder Boys with Surgeon, now back on his Downwards imprint, showcasing all the violent stealth and the restrained industrial funk that he has become famed for, with sharpened visors and more experience in the apocalypse.

Recorded in Berlin, with Boris Wilsdorf, the producer & engineer of cult german industrial group 'Einstürzende Neubauten', this two disc album spreads out across 10 excursions that range from heads-down techno brukkage and razor sharp drum & bass re-configuarations, through to weightless, cerebral moments and into undulating revolutions of analogue bass.

The blueprints of that BMB sound can be heard in here, cited influences such as Jeff Mills, Test Dept and Cabaret Voltaire, hints of classic Regis DNAs such as his Ike Yard Remix or 'Blood Witness' on Blackest, and there are tech-step / electro / ebm, even grime leaning approaches amongst the techno framework, but often Regis prefers to replace kick drums with a disorientating sense of space in between the elements - a call & response of fizzing electronics, ghostly harmonics & drum sounds crush through lashings of sub, one kick at a time. Skeletal - yes, but never to be confused with 'brittle'.

The record doesn't try to become a symphony, it's more of a 'continual pressure' thing. We're not confined to one pace or rhythm, and there are disruptions and breaks, but it does feel like we've been constantly moving in a particular direction - it's only by the time you arrive right at the end after the full experience, and you are jolted into the dank warehouse scenes of the ominously titled last track 'Everything Is Ahead Of Us' - that you realise you were in full grip the whole time, always 'with it', but never quite at ease.
It's only now, that you are releasing the tensions in your jaw, and that stern face turns into a slowly fading grin.

There's definitely a very strong sense of focus and transportation throughout this album, like a continual downwards drift (excuse the pun) peppered with sonic intricacies, gliding (dis)harmonics, weird frequencies and hushed voices - often appearing only at the end of a track, like an unveiling.
'Hidden In This Light That You Miss' is an at times weightless, at times dizzyingly charged drift into a black hole, with new worlds ahead... Bring it on!

As you'd expect from a name who has been at this, in a dedicated way without succumbing to trends or fads, consistently for over 30 years now - this is a very solid piece.
The rugged, and utterly deadly, hypnotic rhythm workouts are what make up the bones of this record, and we'd fucking love to hear all of this very loud sometime soon - but that said, even on the hi fi here right now, this is hitting the spot properly -

The clips won't do this justice - you need get lost in those grooves.
Deadly wares.

2LP + DL code.
First pressing, black vinyl (all sold out right now, but repress coming soon).

1. Calling Down a Curse 10:03
2. Eros in Tangiers 03:14
3. The Blind Departing 06:54
4. I See Fire 05:09
5. Alone of All Her Sex 01:54
6. The Sun Rose Pure 11:03
7. Cracked Earth 05:34
8. Another Kind of Love 03:06
9. Everything is Ahead of Us

The Blind Departing

Calling Down A Curse

Eros In Tangiers

Cracked Earth