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Regis - The Floor Will Rise


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Shatteringly heavy, and bare-bone 'rare piece' from Downwards boss 'Regis' alongside appearances from Justin Broadrick, Ann Margeret Hogan and the music school chorus of Corfu, amongst others - originally conceived for, and recorded in a 2000-year old, near empty greek amphitheater....

Regis should need no introduction to most of you, with his utterly singular sonic which he has carved for the last decades, a pummeling sound that feels reverberant and extremely spacious, yet hits the chest and brain in a way that couldn't be any more direct, and inescapable.

On this particular record, we feel something extra eerie, a sound that is not just at home in darkened warehouses, but one that conveys a wider spirit within it's post-punk, goth attitudes and sound-searching. This one goes that bit further into strange worlds, still tough and militant, but somehow more introspective. Across two sides of three cuts, we're led through tunnels of drum, and bass and clanging reverberations, all leading up to a somehow elevating dirge to finish off the record, a real lift-up from the downwards trod - pun intended - and the perfect way to finish this murky ride.

Basically, the vibe is very, very strong, and convincing. And menacing, almost suffocating, but saved by the fact that the rhythm, and musicality is equally sexy (in an ominous kind of way) and terrifyingly heavy. Makes you feel goddamn alive, that's for sure.

This record captures that amphitheatre vastness, and the feeling of ancient mythology somehow remains intact as well, although that of course could be by association - but it doesn't matter, because our brain is now wired this way, and our conscious is affected.

Music to pray to the gods to, music to grind your feet, taste your own sweat and wind your waist to. Music for an apocalypse of the past, or some kind of new awakening in a parallel world....
Or just one of the heaviest, trippiest and best dark side twists on the Birmingham techno sound heard in time - Ultra slick, gritty, hallucinogenic, and uncompromisingly confident.

Edition of 300, on translucent blue vinyl.
Three tracks per side, each one hitting with full dynamic & weight on the vinyl pressing.

1. Epidaurus ( Live Extract 1 ) 03:36
2. Calling Down A Curse ( Epidaurus Live Version ) 05:59
3. Clean air 02:17
4. The Blinding Departing 05:20
5. Epidaurus Live Extract 03:15
6. Temporary Thing 07:24

Epidaurus (live Extract 1)

Calling Down A Curse (live)

Clean Air (live)

The Blind Departing (live)