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Renoir - Broken Tongue 7

Endangered Species

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A ferocious trinity, cut to 7", announcing the new label from Vereker -

Across the black disc, housed in a fold-out printed sleeve, this fierce set of tracks come rammed with dystopian, distorted recordings and amalgamations of collaborative nature, with Zander / Haroomi (L.A. Club Resource) and Vereker at the controls, under the Renoir moniker, recorded between 2007-2014.

Through a fence of metallic distortion and dissembling volumes, we are dared to engulf ourselves into the world beyond the barriers... Each track hides within it, a peak at the occurring scenario - wether it's a thundering indulgence of bassline, reappearing shreds of melody and voice or glints of air and silence...

With further trips down into the scorching leftovers of these recordings, we unearth new rubble from the scene of destruction... It's a very involving, daring listen for those who find comfort in the uneasy, purveyors of the aural challenge and those who can embrace the two-sided nature of life, of light and dark, the broken and the untouched.

Limited edition.
Mastered by Kris Lapke.



Broken Tongue