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Repeated Viewing - Street Force

Spun Out Of Control

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Utterly sublime, cinematic and engrossing soundtrack to one of the finest, straight to VHS Giallo flicks never made...

Right from the off you can see and hear the seedy streets and cheap neon unfold, the fictional soundtrack to undercover cops chasing shady dealers through slick streets, brawling in bars and kicking hi-rise doors in.

If you dig those kind of late night b-movies you'll love this as much as we do, you can almost see Steven Segal Out For Justice in each of these tracks. All scored on vintage gear and with a healthy dose of wow and flutter, this one is a proper, proper trip.

Housed in wicked artwork and complete with a download code, we really can't reccomend this one highly enough - let's just say, it's in our end of year list for sure.


Press release from the label as well, just in case you need more convincing!

'Street Force (1983) marked the directorial debut of Paulo Luggerizi Jr, son of the notorious Italian auteur Paulo Luggerizi. Shot in New York during the winter months of 1982 the film cashed in on the influx of ultra-violent vigilante and revenge movies seeping their way into the grindhouse cinema circuit. Little is known about the movie but reviews at the time of its release were less than favourable, deriding it as an excessively brutal, poorly made hamfest.

The film was quickly consigned to the darkest corner of the distributor’s warehouse but the recently unearthed soundtrack by Repeated Viewing, featuring a down-on-his-luck Alessandro Cassini playing piano on the opening track, provides an audio document of the blood splattered sidewalks and alleyways depicted in the movie. Previously unreleased, it is presented here for the first time re-mastered and with additional instrumentation by the composer – JUSTICE OR DEATH! '

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