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Req & Smudge - Smudge's Coffee


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Killerrrr chuggers from out of the hardcoore / breakbeat continuum!

"Had it not been for Smudge, REQ doubts he would ever have started making music again. It's almost 20 years since his last vinyl release for WARP and if he was going to return to beat-making he said it would've had to have been inspired by his life work with his dearest friend and creative muse. This EP marks the pair's second collaborative recording following a couple of archival REQ releases over the last two years and is the first of a series of 12"s due later in 2020.

Remixes by The Fear Ratio (aka Mark Broom & James Ruskin) and ETCH (Zak Brashill) take to task the mischievous energy of the original tunes with a fresh set of bassline interventions. Upping the low end pressure with a brushed-steel repair of the title track's original scuffed textures, The Fear Ratio refract REQ's use of Clyde Stubblefield's og funky drummer break on 'Smudge's Coffee' through a heavily magnetised, stepping electro-harmony, while rising-talent and upcoming Moving Shadow signing ETCH takes 'Change le beat' back to Bronx kitchen basics with a properly old-school B-boy flip, harnessing just enough of THAT Peter Piper flicker of bells from Bob James' 'Take Me To The Mardi Gras' to reference things historically, yet which he keenly contemporizes over a perfectly poised and razor-sharp Reaktor-5 bass flex. Like JB said: "Bring on the juice."

Shouts to Seagrave for making this one happen - great combination of sounds and people here - The o.g. Smudge's Coffee, and the two remixes especially, they really bang especially at loud volume, give it a go...

Beats and other music by REQ, with music samples and vocals by Smudge.
The Fear Ratio Remix by Mark Broom & James Ruskin.

Smudge's Coffee

Change Le Beat

Smudge's Coffee (The Fear Ratio remix)

Change The Beat (Etch remix)