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Rer Repeter - Dry Water Slitting Throats


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Voodoo mixtape business from the 'Off Season' label co-owner -

The 23rd tape in the pdxindub series comes from none other than 'Martin Werner' who - alongside Christoph Neuwirth - runs the Off Season imprint operating from Graz, Austria.

We're fans of the label, and we are now also fans of Rer Repeter as a truly capable selector and DJ - the roughly one hour journey encompasses a fine pick of records from across the board, with dub at it's core, this headsy chug manages to delve via various corners of the electronic music current, from slowed versions of Wiley's Eski-beat to 33rpm re-interpretations of a crucial 'Frozen Border' cut, to the bridge from On:U Sound's 'African Head Charge' to 90's Disciples and Regis'  'Ugandan Speed Trials' through to Muslimgauze - this mix moves effortlessly through it's paces.

Good sh*t!


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