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Rer Repeter - In Fine Style

Bokeh Versions

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>> Much needed 2021 re-dub just landed <<

A perfect clashing of heads by two prolific purveyors of outsider dub - Bokeh Versions and Rer Repeter, we are happy to have our hands on some of the last copies of this fine 'In Fine Style' cassette.
Himself one of Graz's finest operators in the underground music scene (operating the excellent OffSeason imprint for example) and one of our favourites behind the wheels of steel.... We know he has good taste, because he also buys records from us every now and then, and we have stocked his mixtapes for Portland's PDXindub series over the years... Plus! He has a mix coming soon for our RwdFwd Mixtape series - you heard it here first.

A fine addition to the ever-growing Bokeh box, Martin Werner delivers truly rootical experimentalism with this 2nd cassette outing... Overdriven basslines and hacked up, hi-passed hi hats tumble alongside live Saxophone, Violin and percussive elements, taking in influences of Nyabinghi Jazz and Tubby-esque dubbing, mixed with the kind of streams of sonic consciousness a late night surrounded by intertwined Jack Leads and Rizla might conjure up.

All the 4am dubheads out there, your alarm clock just rang, time to do your exercises.

Limited edition, comes with download code, we have the last few.

01 Suddenly the Lights Went Out (feat Finna)
02 Another Painful Version
03 Sightless Shifting
04 A Sea Funeral
05 Shanghai Dreaming (feat Cxnlk)
06 Ghostly Regenerator
07 Reservations
08 Learning the Ropes
09 The Lobbyist (Melodica Version)
10 Control Dub (Edit)


Suddenly the Lights Went Out (feat Finna)

A Sea Funeral

Ghostly Regenerator

Control Dub (Edit)