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RER REPETER - Poison will be hidden

Dub Square

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Rer Repeter drops more white label beat science on Dubsquare Records.

The three cuts on offer here explore the intersection between UK Garage and Dub Techno, ‘Poison Will Be Hidden’ rolls out at a slo-mo 110 bpm, shuffling percussion and a healthy dose of sub set this one up to sit perfectly alongside your Workshop records.

‘Shady Sands’ on the B2 is our favourite, perfectly capturing the essence of the Bristol/Berlin crossover that was so groundbreaking in 2009, think 2562 and Grind-era Pev and you’re in the right area - lush delayed chord stabs backed by skeletal 2-step beats.

Exceptionally welcome stuff this.

Poison Will Be Hidden

Shady Sands

Obviously Everything Has Changed