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The Trilogy Tapes

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Ships with fold out poster and a rather handsome, spot glossed sleeve - limited copies!

Scuzzed up n Fuzzed up the Rezzett guys are back with a new LP on Trilogy Tapes and it’s a real treat!

Comprised of eight enigmatic House and Techno rattlers, this LP works as well in the club or in the headphones as Rezzett weave their trademark heady mix of scuttled out sonics and decayed ambiences serving to allure and unsettle in equal measure.

Grab this and zone out to the smoked out trudge of “Wet Bilge”, Bump along to the smashed ghost of Hip-Hop with “Gremlinz” and Brukout to the crunched Jungle of “Worst Ever Contender.

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Wet Bilge


Worst Ever Contender