• Rhythm & Sound - Smile (w/ Savage)

Rhythm & Sound - Smile (w/ Savage)

Rhythm & Sound

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It's hard to describe what makes Rhythm & Sound stand out amongst the productions that have followed suit ever since the birth of Basic Channel all the way back in 1993...

it's a feeling, subtle vibrations within accomplished minimalist structures engulfed in dense fog of texture, perfectly executed music in it's simplest and arguably most effective form.
Most fans of electronic music will know how huge the influence that Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus' Basic Channel imprint and their productions as Rhythm & Sound have had on electronic musicians ever since the 1990's right up to this date.
And for those who don't, it's time to delve in to the catalog...

'Smile', features a subdued low-end that continues like a heart beat, creating a steady pulse for beautifully distant amd calm, yet commanding vocals to breathe with such unrestrained flow.
On the flip of the 12, 'Distance' reverberates further afield in its own realm, like the remnants of 'smile' resounding in the echo chamber for eternity whilst 'Range' picks up the pulse again, like a call & response between bass echoes and fine layers of hiss and feedback up against restrained dub-chords... 


Smile (w/ Savage)