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Rhythm & Sound - The Versions (Burial Mix LP)

Burial Mix

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Pure Basic Channel style depth charge in Burial Mix mode, this LP collects all the versions from the Burial Mix 10" series on one longplaying disc for maximum zoning in >>

The Rhythm & Sound / Burial mix series displays the importance of Jamaica within the Berlin-based productions that we're talking about here... From the sweet majestics of Cornel Campbell and Jennifer Lara, through to the spiritual tones of Paul St. Hilaire...
It's the perfect marriage between rootical Kingston vocal styles and rootical Berlin techno styles - This version LP provides the 2nd part along with the vocal LP, together combining each cut from the series of 10"s that surfaced in the late 90's / early 00's, and letting the rhythms play out through fader channels and effects sends, Burial Mix style.

Intricate, reductionist version excursion at it's finest, with Mark Ernestus and Moritz Von Oswald coming like the Berlin answer to the JA/NYC Wackies sound -

...The perfect counterpart to the vocal LP, this one contains the skeleton of the Burial Mix series in its most purist rootical dub techno form.

1. King Version 06:36
2. Queen Version 06:09
3. Jah Version 06:06
4. Troddin Version 07:06
5. Mash Down Version 06:19
6. Hit You Version 07:27
7. Friend Version 06:46
8. History Version 06:26

King Version

Troddin Version

Friend Version

History Version