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Rhythmic Theory - Lucid State

Ancient Monarchy

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Rhythmic Theory kicks off the Bercuese Heroique sub-label with two of his/her/their finest productions to date.

Lucid State steams in with the power of a freight train, bruising kicks backed with delayed stabs practically jump out of this heavyweight pressing, giving way to a glassy breakdown with a suitably dark vocal sample.
The flipside, 'Shores Of Caladan', is slightly more restrained but still packs a punch, the tension between the relentless pummelling low end and weightless pads is almost palpable here.

Many producers are mining the Jungle crates for breaks and textures right now but for our money, this plate is up there with the most successful. Displaying a deep understanding and reverence for D&B/Jungle history and twisting the atmospheres into new forms while retaining the sense of dread and sheer weight that is so very vital.

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Lucid State

Shores Of Caladan