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Rhythmic Theory & Pessimist - Outlawed From Reality EP

Creme Organisation

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Two great Bristolian minds link up for a surprise but welcome outing on Dutch label Crème Organization.

The title's a bit of a misnomer - the only real cross-point of the record is RT's outrageous remix of Pessimist's Empty House - RT ups the tempo but still maintains the coldness and space that's defined his sound over the past few years. Absolute fire and sure to appeal to all of those who've got some interest in the d'n'b - techno crossover that's becoming more of a thing in recent years.

The rest of the EP returns us to classic Rhythmic Theory, from the hard sci-fi references on Rachael's Theme (not just in the title, check out that Vangelis-style pad) to the chilly atmospheres of the title track. RT keeps the junglist spirit alive as usual, and his sound never ceases to hit with pure impact and sub pressure.

Bangin' stuff

Pessimist - Empty House (RT's Choppage Mix)

Rhythmic Theory - Outlawed From Reality

Rhythmic Theory - Cyclic Motion

Rhythmic Theory - Rachael's Themes