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Rider Shafique - I-Dentity

Young Echo Records

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Powerful stuff coming from Young Echo HQ -

We've been eagerly awaiting this record here at RwdFwd, having heard the tracks some time ago.
I-Dentity and Freedom Cry are some of the most bold and striking tracks we've heard in a long time, serious social commentary from Rider Shafique, addressing important issues about race, inequality and the struggle for Black Identity in British society (although of course this is a universal issue).

It's a strong statement for a first record on the new Young Echo Records imprint, we stand behind it and hope that it finds the support that it deserves.

The full statement from Young Echo:

'Well, originally I am from my mothers womb'

'I-Dentity' is Rider Shafique's most important work to date, it will make it's mark with a striking sonic, pinned as the first release on the newly built Young Echo Records, the imprint soon to be launched by the 11-head-strong collective of musicians and artists.

Initially written for, and performed at Rider Shafique's tour of schools and community platforms across the UK, both 'I-Dentity' and 'Freedom Cry' are two utterly striking, and uncompromising word sound pieces.

Dealing with issues of race, class and the ridiculousness an individual of colour has to confront during daily life, with the stigmas attached to pre-conceptions & obstacles applied to people coined as 'ethnic minority'.

Rider's hard and measured delivery serves as the lyrical baton for his personal, yet universal account of a topic many of us know, but not everyone fully understands or appreciates.

The first record on the Young Echo label will serve as a testament to a necessary political and social stance in this day and age, addressing boundaries that seem to have been ingrained, perhaps mutated but not necessarily changed, in this, in many ways ill-fated western society.
I-Dentity and Freedom Cry have been given instrumental foundations built by fellow Young Echo members Amos Childs (Jabu) and Sam Kidel."

Photo & sleeve design by Studio Tape-Echo.
Mastered by Lewis at Stardelta.

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Freedom Cry