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Robin Stewart - Time Travel

The Trilogy Tapes

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Robin Stewart, of Giant Swan / The Naturals / Avon Terror Corps fame, time-travellin' via TTT -

It's a real pleasure to mark this occasion here. Robin Stewart has been a long time friend, and actually played a part in one of the earliest NoCorner releases (and therefore our early beginnings too).
El Kid's (now better known as Sam Kidel) Labyrinths EP, the third release on NoCorner, back in 2012/13.
Robin created the artwork for it, and it's still one of our faves.
'And then', some time later, Robin provided us with his own NoCorner sonics. That release is still a stone cold favourite here. We'd go as far as saying, that it's a masterpiece, and we keep reminding him of that, much to his disbelief.

Over the years, he has transcended all expectations and blown minds across the world, without loosing any kind of integrity.
He's a humble person that just does his thing, does it very passionately, and skillfully. He's a tireless engine really. A driving force that is only just getting started, wether that's as part of Giant Swan, or via solo or other collaborative projects, such as the music he's been making with Sunun (wait til you hear that too).
Anyway, you might be able to tell that we're proud of our RS right now.
It's great to see Trilogy Tapes picking up on his utterly singular, hype-avoiding musical approach, his knack for chillingly stone-cold minimalism, and drenched-in-dread techno version excursionism.

Across these four tracks, you can hear Robin stretching his dub muscle, flexing through exercises in reductionist techno. Robin Stewart commands a vibe that is informed by the physicality of an oversized soundsystem playing at loud volume, and perhaps spurred on by the sensory deprivation of reduced, or abstracted light in vast spaces, and the night time that shuts the curtain on each day.
It sounds like he's processing the ghostly memories of sound experiences in live shows and the full-blast intensity of travelling to dark, vast spaces filled with bodies that feel the need to vibrate together. It's Monday and we're out of endorphins, but we revel in the alluring comforts of shifting sub 100hz frequency and time travelling echoes, acting as reminders of melodies that fade away in all their beauty, leaving behind a neutral space in which you form your own reality, a space in which you welcome the excitement of darkness, the unknown.

In this minimalistic core, we foster extra appreciation for each injection of light, as it appears from time to time in the form of vocal injections from the dance hall, modulated harmonic dissonances and percussive shots. This sparse, reductionist approach to electronic music is like a technologically driven form of sensory buddhism really....
Less is more, be at one with it and you will open up whole new worlds from which you were previously distracted.

Robin Stewart at the controls.
Turn the lights off, the sound up, and take the trip.

Killer artwork by TTT boss, Will Bankhead.

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