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Rodney - Primitive Engineering


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>>Warehouse Find - LAST COPIES<<

This long-awaited gem of a c35 from Rodney on NoCorner -

Crafted in the late hours, hidden away inside a top floor flat on one of Bristol’s most apocalyptic & dankest streets, overlooking the scenes as crackheads, drunk students, drug dealers and wrong’uns congregate & make fires… Rodney’s Primitive Engineering’ is the sound of his very own dark solace hovering above these scenes. Stretched out across 9 meditations, the endless space within the signal chain and the near-silent fizz of the voltage form a landscape for the necessary escape, gazing at the doomed forecast outside with a quiet grin on the face, cherishing the woozy grip of the sonic worlds that these tangled wires, patched up modules and broken faders inhabit.

Primitive Engineering is escapism from the real world. It’s a trip with your deepest thoughts and strangest feelings, conjured up via the help of Rodney’s deft frequency modulation, and the solemn melodies that find themselves within these zones.

The cassette’s title could also be an admission to the real meaning of experimentalism.
It is not about perfection, we accept primitive means as a starting point, and the purpose is to reach for unknown areas - the engineering is part of the process, and more so than the end product - it is everything.
...However you interpret it, the stripped, raw heart of Rodney’s music lays exposed as an honest, beautiful craft, centred around electronics and their sounds.

Primitive Engineering may be his debut release, but it’s one we’ll be looking back on for years to come.

Edition of 50 cassettes.
Comes with DL code.
C35, pro-dubbed to flo purple tape, with onbody print.
Inlay design by Studio Tape-Echo, photography by C26.

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