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Roger Robinson - Dog Heart City


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Roger Robinson and disrupt return after their highly acclaimed album "Dis Side Ah Town". Dog Heart City presents a series of stories set in the titular metropolis, following the lives of people affected by gentrification, racism, unemployment and low wages, and giving these unheard voices a platform that would otherwise not exist.

Each song on the LP follows an individual story that takes place within the city - the whole LP constructs a macro-scale image of the city while the songs personalise its constituents meaningfully - read what the label has to say about the stories conveyed:

"“Nightshift” tells about the workers who clean the buildings where power is held, and the contrast between their lives and where they clean. “Flowers” comments on the rate of young black men getting killed, where another victim dies even before the last mourning flowers have dried. There are stories about tower block life, the claiming of a postcode or how the city wears a Swastika like a proud badge in Post-Brexit UK."

This record does not shy away from political commentary, and is all the better for it - the starkness of difference between Robinson's various delivery styles plays out as a powerful metaphor for the cognitive dissonances that Robinson deftly touches on in his lyrics and text.

Powerful stuff and well worth a listen (if you've not already heard it), this comes highly, highly recommended from RwdFwd.

1. Dog Heart City 04:10
2. Bun Bun Bun 03:19
3. Ruins 03:48
4. Shine 04:09
5. New Maps 04:34
6. Swastika 01:46
7. Corridors 03:41
8. Flowers 04:09
9. Nightshift 03:41
10. Welcome To Dog Heart City 02:25

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Bun Bun Bun