• Roger Robinson - Summer / Feel Bad Smile
  • Roger Robinson - Summer / Feel Bad Smile
  • Roger Robinson - Summer / Feel Bad Smile
  • Roger Robinson - Summer / Feel Bad Smile
  • Roger Robinson - Summer / Feel Bad Smile

Roger Robinson - Summer / Feel Bad Smile

Do You Have Peace?

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Great to see vocalist and poet Roger Robinson connect with Amos, the producer from Jabu, once more. Stepping out of the fuzzy, dubbed out lovers rock cloud they built with their 'Stay' 7" on NoCorner, 'Feel Bad' and 'Summer' dip deep into even more spaced out, and extra intimate slo-mo soul served up on 'do you have peace?'.

Fans of Jabu, Roger Robinson (or of course King Midas Sound, Black Space Quartet) or people who love O$VMV$M's slowest tearjerkers and other Young Echo related swooners will no doubt need a slice of this without hesitation - Anyone else... Just take a moment with the music and let it soak over you, then decide.
It's a deep, and rich one.

"Roger Robinson (King Midas Sound, Black Space Quartet) delivers 2 stand alone sides of haunted soul over instrumentals from Jabu’s Amos Childs.

Described by Roger as an imaginary soundtrack to a long escalator ride downwards to a Hiroshi Sugimoto exhibition - ‘the music that might be playing as you tried your best to avoid every one else’s eyes’.
A bruised take on Muzak, ‘a sadder kind of normal’.
Roger’s innate understanding of form and melody manages to somehow pull real ear worm pop hooks out of the lilting backing of ground hum and hiss from the mixing desk, his falsetto bringing to mind everything from early Sade demos through to lovers rock.

On the A side Summer sees Roger yearning for warmer days, over an other-worldly drums machine workout before collapsing in on itself in a disco mix / funeral coda outro.
On the flip side the instrumental is pared back even further to a crawling slo motion piano and the sound of faders crackling turned to 11, Roger dials the emotions up another notch, channeling ghosts of low rider soul and entering into ice cold slow jam / ballad territory."

"Essential late winter / early spring listening for lonely late nite laundrette trips and dawn cigarettes in the graveyard."

... You said it ^

Music 4 lovers at it's finest.

Ltd Edition 7", hand-stamped and with risograph insert artwork by skkinz.


Artwork by Skkinz.
Riso Printed @ 16 Tonne Press.
Mastered by Benjamin Tregaskes. 

Roger Robinson - Feel Bad

Roger Robinson - Summer