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Ron Morelli - A Gathering Together

Hospital Productions

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Ron Morelli returns to Hospital Productions for his most refined work to date

9 tracks of tortured electronic textures and haunting spaces crafted from a maze of analog technology. Post-punk attitudes focused through a fractured techno lens.

While the LIES sound is that of brutally distorted club traxx ‘A Gathering Together’ is a masterful harnessing of drone passages and metallic sound design.

From the pummelling kicks and smoked chrome textures of ‘New Dialect’ to the cyber-ritual drumming of the title track ‘A gathering together’ is as captivating as it is tense, offering a chance for the skilled DJs to work their magic in the dance to open minded crowds.

‘The Story Of Those Gone’ is a favourite for us, ferric pulses stretching into the depths, hypnotic patterns punctured by jagged stabs, continued in ‘Desert Ocean’.

Before things get too comfortable though, ‘Voices Rise’ cuts through the relative calm with howling scratches and pitch black tones, easily the most unsettling cut on the album and one of the pleasures of the listening experience, even after repeated listens, you still get surprised as ‘A Gathering Together’ pitches and yaws through the inky darkness.

Highly recommended.


New Dialect

A Gathering Together

The Story Of Those Gone

Desert Ocean