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Ronny Nyheim - Multisensory Integration


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Dangerously good trippin' techno from Ronny Nyheim via PsyPal, straight out of Norway - the real deal!

"Deep siren & straight to the groove Techno by Ronny Nyheim on new Norwegian outlet PsyPal. Full A-side with a minimally modulating solid driver emphasizing sonic tunnelling below razor sharp hihats. B1 is a faster pounding & psycho-tweeked remix by E-GZR (from Wania fame) and B2 rounds off as a saturated banger conflicting melody & lightly groving harmonic & padded noise. Stylistically functional & very real!"

Fuck yes, to be quite honest with you all, techno is a part time endeavour for us here, but we dare say that we do know 'when it's good' - and records like this make us want to zone back into that world once more, or at least dip our toes in for a dance - in the living room for now maybe, but surely back in some kind of dank basement with a few lazers and woofers - soon enough!
Plus, this one's mad fun in the mix - A proper DJ disc, this one.

Contained within this solidly pressed up three track 12" (incl E-GZR Remix!) are proper dubwise, brain-warping loopmelodics and hypnotic grooves, not too much, not too little - just the way it should be (for us at least) -
"close your eyes.... forget your name....."

This one's a vibe - don't be caught sleepin'.

A. Multisensory Integration

B1. Multisensory Integration (E-GZR Remix)

B2. Primary Auditory Cortex

Multisensory Integration

Multisensory Integration (E-GZR Remix)

Primary Auditory Cortex