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Roolings Muzik Allstars - Rolling Muzik

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Brand new /// Good for you >> straight out of Jamaica, via the BKV / Duppy connection, here comes this mixtape out of the house of I Jahbar's Roolings Muzik operation, presenting 15 highest grade productions - past & present - from I Jahbar alongside extended Roolings crew >>

"If you don’t know about Roolings Muzik then now you do kid. I Jahbar’s main creative outlet since he started having musical dreams aged 15, Roolings is a home for a fresh stable of Jamaican vocalists scouted and often mentored by I Jah including G Sudden, Buddy Don and RDL Shellah who joined him in his later work with Duppy Gun.

Roolings Muzik Allstars - a collection of the label’s finest moments - proves I Jah is a producer in his own right too, with a dizzying range of riddim material from ruff 00s ragga madness and vintage digi roots dialed up 11 notches with the DIY island energy that I Jah injects into the universe. Everything here was mostly recorded while he was still a professional football player, splitting time between the pitch and the studio then rehearsing everything at Chopdawg Sundays dancehall cookout sessions (now live on Insta).

Praise be to one of the unsung dancehall greats:

“This is just a part of Ijahbar life journey.
He has many things to say with time” "

There you have it - the full lowdown and all-u-need.
Now stick this one in your hifi and turn up the volume already!!!!
Rrrrroolllll it!

LTD edition tape, comes with DL code,

"DJ Velkro's exclusive Roolings Muzik Allstars megamix - "mashed together with FX and samples in a Velkro way."

Served with wikkid BKV artwork, pro-dubbed, lookin & sounding good etc!

Recorded at Tuff Gong Records, Duppy Gun Studios and the Congo’s Studios (Ashanti Roy is I Jahbar’s nephew) where he met Cam and Ged of Duppy in 2011.

I Jahbar - Smoking Treez 03:31
2. Buddy Don - Mix Over (Velkro Version) 02:26
3. I Jahbar - Eye A War 03:13
4. G Sudden - Whe Di Girl Dem Deh 03:18
5. Datermin - Born A Star 03:25
6. I Jahbar & Jah Zarro - Anuh We 03:10
7. I Jahbar - I Am Who I Am 03:04
8. I Jahbar & RDL Shellah - Rock The Party 03:40
9. Militant - Dash It Weh 03:07
10. I Jahbar - Enemy In Disguise 03:29
11. Ryveela - Pay Down 03:26
12. RDL Shellah - My Guiding Star 03:21
13. Singer Heights - Warn Them 02:59
14. I Jahbar - Balla Strike One (Version) 03:57
15. I Jahbar - Rooftop 04:50

I Jahbar - Smoking Treez

Buddy Don - Mix Over (Velkro Version)

I Jahbar - Eye A War

Datermin - Born A Star