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Roots Manuva - Dub Come Save Me

Big Dada

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A bonafide UK Classic.... In dub -

In 2001 Roots Manuva released his seminal 'Run Come Save Me' album on Big Dada Records, an LP that will remain a staple in British Contemporary music history, amongst the likes of  'The Streets - Original Pirate Material'... A high watermark for British lyricism and culture.

Across the 10 tracks, we find some very JA-rooted vocal cuts on the first disc, before we enter the manuva dubwise zone on disc 2... Although this is definitely to be classed as a Hip Hop album, Roots Manuva's way of flinging the words melodically, serves as a reminder of his Jamaican heritage and gives this a distinct UK flavour, certainly differentiable from his US counterparts, the production style sits somewhere in between UK / JA soundsystem culture and the crate-digging, sample-heavy aesthetic of early US Hip Hop.

In equal measures, the instrumentals really are worth the same amount of praise as the vocals... So much so, that we can't thank Big Dada enough for releasing the - superbly - dubbed follow up to 'Run Come Save Me' - aptly titled 'Dub Come Save Me'.

In true JA tradition, parts of the vocal are left to reside, whilst the details of the instrumentals are brought to the foreground, often letting the best parts shimmer through a solid wall of rhythm and bassline.

A truly accomplished piece, the dubs are absolutely wicked... By the time the needle reaches 'Witness Dub' your neck will be stiff from all the head-nodding... Each track comes correct, a near faultless record.

Served in a fresh-looking printed sleeve, each track comes mastered loud and clear, spread across two discs.

Milestone business.

Mastered (to an impeccable degree) by Voda at 10th Planet.
Cut by Martin at Alchemy.

Man Fi Cool
Revolution 5
The Lynch
Uk Warriors
Disc Two:
Highest Grade Dub
Styles Dub
Witness Dub
Dreamy Days SFA Dub
Brand New Dub

Man Fi Cool

Revolution 5

Witness Dub

Styles Dub