• Roots - Mash Down / Soljah Man Skank

Roots - Mash Down / Soljah Man Skank

Black Art

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Sweet, and endlessly deep roots from The 'Roots' (a lesser known mid, to late 70s Jamaican artist, not the US Hip Hop group!) on a Lee Perry and Sean De Laire production, originally out on De Laire's Grass Roots label, then Greensleeves, and now back in circulation via Black Art, the label behind the early Upsetters / Black Ark sound.

Mash Down is one of those heartfelt, heart-wrenching kind of lyrics and voices -
sufferers lyrics against babylon and the repression of black people and the working class in general.

A seriously heavy tune that somehow manages to keep an upbeat atmosphere about it too - a mood that, often, to our ears, only reggae music manages to truly convey in this hard hitting, yet melancholic way.

This one is a gem, no doubt.

Mash Down

Soljah Man Skank