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Rosso Polare - Lettere Animali

Klammklang Tapes

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Klammklang, back at it -

This time we have Rosso Polare at the controls, taking us on a spellbinding tangle of sound and melody, through improvised / impulsive interactions between the instruments and the instrumentalists, driven by conversation of sound, and warped further into new contexts through post-performance sound manipulations -

Really cool stuff - read the review here from the house of Klammklang and you'll get the viewpoint. This is music for patient minds, where each moment of silence rest in equal importance to it's dynamic counterpart - a very rewarding trip.

Special mention to the last sentence in this write up below - that one really hits a nerve we should all be aware of.

"Occuring in rather unexplored sonic territories between field recording and organised musical momentum, a North Italian duo Rosso Polare sign with Klammklang to present their debut album Lettere Animali — a collection of meticulously crafted, immersive tracks on the margins of electroacoustic, experimental and Mediterranean folk music.

Currently based in Milan, Rosso Polare are Cesare Lopopolo and Anna Vezzosi. One from the city, the other from the countryside; growing in diverse settings, one closer to the human presence, the other to the animal kingdom. As the first had to imagine a world, building stories and construct phantasies, the latter always had it close. Having their backgrounds in visual arts and sharing mutual interest in musical expression, they've been exchanging their sounds, exuding and absorbing from each other. Thus, this album is the first ever documented report of the ongoing collaboration.

Developed through free improvisation sessions, Lettere Animali consists of eleven pieces exploring the analogy between not thinking and acting by instinct (like an animal would do) through both spontaneous interaction between musicians and next ensuing studio arrangements. These compositions might be seen as "animal letters" addressed to the listener, and that's exactly where the album name comes from. It's the music of beautiful contrasts and paradoxes: it's structured but also liberated from the usual framework of Western composition; it's highly melodic and making it easy to follow, but still remains challenging while utilizing some non-obvious timbres, rhythms and techniques. It's full of beautiful biophonic recordings, masterly integrated into the musical context, so it's a bit utopian as well. If we imagine only for a moment that it's still not too late for humans and animals to co-exist in harmony, listening to each other could be the missing link. "

Edition of 50 copies.
Includes DL code.

Red cassette with black print, hand-numbered info card on premium cardboard.
Photo print made by Cesare Lopopolo and Anna Vezzosi.
Packed into red ziplock with aluminum foil inside.

All music written and performed by Cesare Lopopolo & Anna Vezzosi.
Recorded and produced by Cesare Lopopolo.
Artwork by Anna Vezzosi.
Mastered by Alexander Pustynsky.
Words by Stas Sharifullin

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