• Rotrum - Panko

Rotrum - Panko


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Real nice slice from Rotrum, served up via the MIDA label out of Tallinn / Estonia - shouts to Jackson for introducing us, and shouts to the crew for doing a good thing!

Check this wickedly dubbed, and perfectly addictive 7".
Upon listen, you will find well nice scale-sliding echoes and chug-step on the A side, and then, on the B side, you'll get yourself lost in the subtle dread of those eerie tones and those haunted, propulsive vocal & drum rhythms. Very smart and intriguing, and with heaps of character for rewarding repeat listens.

Or in the words of the label:
"Rotrum has functioned anonymously under the moniker for a decade or so. The selection on this 7” is as laid back as you'll probably ever hear him. “Panko” moves responsibly in the 100 BPM range with a punchy gallop & lovely phased synthwork. Ethereal “Tutelary” & its vibrant drums are clearly lost somewhere, if not the desert it may be a refreshing South Estonian bog he throws us into."

And while you're here make sure you also check the Ats 7" which we also got fresh in, on the same label.
Hell yeah.

Rotrum - Panko

Rotrum - Tutelary