• Natty cool
  • CS705898-01A-BIG

Roy Palmer - Natty Cool

Freedom Sounds

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This one! Smooth like melted butter, sweet like sugar in the frying pan, cooked down slowly with some water.

Also known under the name Jah Sonny, this 7" disc, originally out on Earthquake, now back in press (thank you! thank you! thank you!) via Freedom Sounds, this tune, entitled 'Natty Cool' is one of those that you will be listening to on repeat for the foreseeable time.
We've been doing the same thing (off youtube, and that's saying something!) the last weeks, and it's a joy to be able to continue the listening tradition now with the real wax thing.

That subdued, heartfelt vocal, and that sweet, sweet understated rhodes are so nice on the A side... and the dub version is the perfect continuation for your fix of this infectious rhythm... Understated, rolling, and dub-wise in effect, you'll be rewinding this one more than once, trust us.

Urghhh, such a treat!

Natty Cool

High Times Players - Natty Cool (Version)