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rRoxymore / Bruce / Chekov - Patina Echoes Sampler


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Timedance's first releases of 2018 sees the label push new territory with the forthcoming Patina Echoes compilation -

Don't Be Afraid regular rRoxymore debuts her first track on Timedance, Bruce returns to the label for the first time in two years with a stunning sound design exploration and newcomer Chekov's widely played 'Stasis 113' finally sees a release... This sampler gives a taste of the forward thinking, synthetic yet natural style the compilation covers.

For Timedance Lucky No 13 we have a killer three track sampler for the forthcoming Patina Echoes, featuring a couple of the scenes tried and true producers and a hungry up and comer!

Up top sees the zany club bump of “bRINGTHEbRAVE” courtesy of scene favourite rRoxymore, once again proving why she is in such demand as a producer and DJ, this track is Timedance through and through. Trippy, ravey and bumpy in all the right places, and beautifully reminiscent of some of LFO's earlier works, this one is bags of fun, and a serious weapon in the bag too!

On the flip “Let’s make the most of the time we have here” by Bruce, an excellent example of why he is one of the most talented artists around, with his trademark sound design and bombastic sonics being demonstrated in full effect. A master in atmosphere and dynamics, this track is a real trip!

On the B2 we have a tried and true club track from one to watch Chekov. Reminiscent of Laksa’s last outing for the label “Stasis 113” is a rough and raw club track that delivers both in weight for the rig and groove for the dancers. Form and Function!