RSD - Jah Way / Speeka Box

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Much needed repress of this essential RSD plate - this will still sound fresh in 50 years

Man like Rob Smith, a pioneer and forefather of Bristolian music since the early '80s has been developing his sound as long as most of you lot have lived, and, as per usual, commands utter respect on Jah Way / Speaka Box.

Releasing these on Peverelist's Punch Drunk back in '08 was the kind of linkup that can only be dreamed of nowadays - thankfully, repress time has come around and those of you that weren't on it way back when now have the opportunity to get a slice of Bristolian history on fresh wax.

Jah Way sits comfortably in the echelons of many classic records of the mid 2000's that buckets of producers nowadays are still trying to replicate. Blurring the line between steppas and full on dubstep, it's a 5 minute exercise in sub-pressure, dread and half-time swagger that sounds as fresh as the day it was born.

Speeka Box comes in with an addictively melodic bassline paired with some classic half-time rhythm business, while a summer-time reggae riddim fills out the uppers - test it out on a sound system near you.


Jah Way

Speeka Box