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RSD - World Hungry / Dub Pride

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Bristol veteran RSD aka Rob Smith at the buttons for ZamZam once again!

Fresh import from PDX, via the ZamZam family, this disc comes loaded with dubwise pressure from our hometown - signature RSD styles, moving like a calm and collected dubwise ninja over the last decades... Firing off perfectly executed drum rolls, expertly dubbed snippets of vocal & fx and of course his unbeatable knack for a very good bassline.

Rob Smith doesn't need to push forward, he has proven that he is the master of dubwise crossover inna South-West stylee....

This is soundsystem music, dubwise music with equal influences owed to it's JA roots through to the last few decades of UK rave culture.

Don't be late for this one!

Limited to 800, no repress, no digital.
Screenprinted sleeve, designed by Polygon Press.

World Hungry

Dub Pride