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Rudeboyz - Gqomwave EP


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Goon Club Allstars continue their dedication to the International promotion and support of Gqom with this immensely rowdy EP by Rudeboyz.

By now, most will be familiar with the tropes Gqom - rhythmically related to UK Funky but more of a direct South African (specifically the townships of Durban) derivation of house music, it's been seeing a meteoric rise in popularity amongst the International community, largely due to the immense creativity of its young cast of creators who - with the kind of D.I.Y spirit that goes down a real treat in this office - created and spread their music in the early days using whatever means were easily accessible - sharing dubs via Whatsapp, keeping their community broadly word of mouth and aiming to build an organic scene of like-minded individuals who all rally around a sound, location, and mood.

The scene has travelled a long way since its inception - labels like Goon Club Allstars and their early support means you're as likely to hear a Gqom banger from a turntable as you are the speaker of your phone. The Gqomewave EP demonstrates perfectly the growing maturity of the sound, without ever losing the edge that made the music so appealing on first listen. The real draw of this EP is the vocals that occupy the first and last tracks. These are a DJ's dream; uncluttered, direct, and more to the point, dedicated solely to the purpose of moving your feet.

Each track has a clever twist - brief bursts of harmony, uneven phrasing and subtly confounding beat emphasis that keeps these sounding rude as ever. Keep 'em coming!

Major Turn Up

Bounce Back

No Mercy

As'Jableni (feat. TD Snaxx)