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RwdFwd 777 - Designed by Broshuda


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Well well well..... It's been pretty much exactly 7 years since we opened the 'doors' of this operation at the end of 2012, and shifted the first units of 'Backchat', 'Find Jay Way', that Jabu / Killing Sound split tape, the Gorgon Grime tape and that El Kid tape for NoCorner, amongst a few picks from our favourites at the time... Ah yeah and there was that first Bandulu record, pain-stakingly hand-made Peng Sound tshirts, that 'Cut Duplates Not Corners' Tshirt from Tape-Echo (that's half of this operation by the way! Big up Alex for all the hard work and fine designs over the years) etc etc etc... We'll stop going down memory lane too much here, and try to stick the point -

Eternal love & gratitude to each of you who have visited our site and welcomed one of our packages, spread the word, or even just had a laugh at our gushy record reviews and general big-talk about music that is probably actually still quite strange when compared the general consensus of 'taste'.

Anyway, we had big plans of making all sorts of '7 Years Of RwdFwd' related stuff for you to wear, listen to, hang on the wall, but the truth is, time always goes too fast doesn't it?
I guess we'll just have to count that new Hotline zine & tape, and the Batu RWDFWDMIX as more 7 year celebrations (ooops, spilled the beans - more on that soon!) to feel like we really made it clear how proud it makes us to 'still be here, doing this'.

Massive, massive shouts to Broshuda, who's unique music & design style & etiquette we highly respect and cherish, and who has come 'forward' and done a lil 'rewind' with this expertly crafted collage of found & obscured material, vaguely relating the pieces of the puzzle to 'what we do' -
take a close look and you might find the clues.