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Six tracks of left of centre Techno from Budapest's S Olbricht for the Proto Sites Imprint.

The fourth release on the nascent Proto Sites comes from one half of the esoteric duo Silf, in the form of six bleary eyed and mist choked Techno excursions, taking a healthy influence from Deep House, Ambient and the melancholic soundscapes of a Biosphere or Boards of Canada track, there is a real breadth on offer here.

Straight off the bat with opener "On" you are driven headfirst into Olbricht's arcane world as crunched up percussion punctuates a stilted 4/4, whilst cascading sines and foggy synth drones lend a celestial atmosphere, a theme further explored in the beatless piece "Lacertid" which comes off like a dejected Hype Williams as hisses and hums drift around the nebulous murk.

The variety on offer here is key, Olbricht has managed to sculpt club bangers, reflective drones, DJ tools (the excellent "Onhom") and completely broken House with his own distinctive sound palette and forthright vision. There is no compromise with this record!

For fans of Blackest Ever Black, Trilogy Tapes, Burial, Boards Of Canada.



Lacertid (Ft. Imre Kiss)