• S Olbricht - Deutsch Amerikanische Tragödie

S Olbricht - Deutsch Amerikanische Tragödie

Opal Tapes

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Another great cassette on the Opal Tapes label -

This time we are invited into the twisted explorations of S Olbricht.
As the clouded fragments of rhythm and shredded melody sink and rise below aural sea level into a world unknown we are transported through flickering scenes in our mind, with blurred vision of a disturbed state of being.
The beauty of this piece of music lies in it's tormented, flickering soul and it's delicate, yet desperate struggle within.

Each track comes with it's own inner turmoil, and we are invited to feel the pain and take part in the struggle.
Don't misunderstand, the cassette has it's moments of light and joy, like the delicate and icy percussion and rhodes that break through the fog on 'Foragafia' for example.

It is moments like these that put the torment and struggle into context, making the reward even more satisfying.
This may not be an instantly pleasing, easy piece of music, but it will surely grow on you and you will find yourself fully immersed and entranced by it once you've entered it's sonic realm and reaped all it's benefits.

Heady stuff!

1: Elaea
2. S_Tuder (Tape 6)
3. Paulsanger (Trap 4)
4. S_Tuder (Tape 1) (feat Carla Under Water)
5. Forkarp
6. Sibu (feat Carla Under Water)
7. Tter
8. I IV V
9. Foragafia

Paulsanger (Trap 4)

Sibu (feat Carla Under Water)