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Sabla - Danzaguida


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Turin-based artist Sabla comes through with a high-grade release for DISKANT -

Danzaguida is a record that will have DJs working within the realms of house, techno and our own Bristolian brand of whatever u call it, flocking to this like vultures to scrap - it's head turning in its masterful execution, and the kind of record that, despite it's internal complexity, entirely speaks for itself musically.

The low-down is a tendency towards polyrhythms that broadly still fit within a 4/4 framework, with an emphasis on focussed rhythmic hooks that stand out both as individual pieces of music and will flow beautifully in a mix. Sabla's last record (on Gang Of Ducks) was a brutish but groovy set; here he has taken a confident step into fresh territory that both eschews and builds upon his previous workings.

It's an excellent work packaged beautifully, and (as of yet) only available on wax...


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