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Sabla - Spirits

Gang Of Ducks

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Sabla moves on Gang Of Ducks -

Furthering the inclination for sludgy, technoid machine music - G.O.D. bring us a hefty six-track disc with cuts from Sabla's lab.

Overall, the disc runs from harder, rhythmical late-night club cuts through to the submerged depths of techno's underbelly - a sound that Gang Of Ducks seems to be familiarising with each of it's releases - as we approach the centre of the disc on Side A, things do get really murky... With whirring whistles and electroid humming signalling over a chest-crushing sine wave and mashed-up percussion making up the brilliant 'Spirits' original version...

Flip it around for the finishing touches to this excellent EP... The disorientating versioning of 'Spirits' by G.O.D. and the definite banger of them all, the remix by 'Ital' of 100% Silk fame - adding four to the floor groove injecting light into the darkness with chimes and bells.

Wicked stuff, equally measured for the home-turntable or for club-use!

Also, perhaps the crispest of the Gang Of Ducks releases yet - visually.

Limited Edition.
Served in printed poly sleeve.

01 SABLA - Di lei
02 SABLA - Spirits
03 SABLA - J-iii
04 SABLA - Control Room
05 SABLA - Spirits (G.O.D. rework)
06 SABLA - Spirits (Ital rework)

Di Lei / Spirits

Control Room

Spirits (G.O.D. Rework)

Spirits (Ital Remix)