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Salac - Sacred Movements

Avon Terror Corps

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‘Fashioned from the Earth. We are souls in clay form.'

Members of Bristol collective Avon Terror Corps, Salac are a Gaelic industrial duo hailing from separate cold corners of the world. Intersecting pagan ritualism with industrial choral alchemy, together they sculpt séances of sacred sound; igniting fires through walls of noise, voice, disjointed rhythm structures and intense ceremonial performance. One for the midnight edge-lords, Salac is a terrifying trip through abandoned wells, ritual dreampop, so-dank-it's-almost-slo-grime industrial heaviness and the wild plants of Hy Brasil.

"Cloaked in tulle veils fastened by thread at the neck, druidic duo Salac are as heavy on the theatrical as they are sonically, delivering heavily distorted bass and serrated fuzz." -The Journal of Music, Ireland

"Circuit-bending freeform noise, perhaps inspired by Avon Terror Corps revulsion to contemporary dance music's anodyne perfection." - WIRED, UK

"A treacherous collage of noise and cyber clutter, completely unforgiving in its metallic whirring and big, walloping, slap-you-in-your-fucking-face bass." - The Thin Air, Ireland

"The salacious irises of Irish moorland. Salac plays the soulful, rumbling machine sound, burns sage and whispers. The bass is so loud that the whole basement and probably the core of the earth is wobbling and twitching." -Suomenmusiikkiblogi, OMVF, Finland

-- alright, you heard it from the source - but have you actually heard this cassette?
Serious underworld rituals for all night-dwellers and shade-seekers!
Maximum love to Salac for their stunning debut LP, a collection of entrancing pieces recorded across the Island over the course of a year.
Salac have conquered a sound that is deeply human, deeply spiritual, yet swaying and burning slowly in a manner that feels as supernatural & ghostly as it does 'present' & 'direct'.

Another fine curveball from the ATC crew... And it's pretty much sold out already, so load up!

All tracks written and produced by Clíona Ní Laoi and Max Kelan Pearce between Avon, Dublin and Galway.
Mastered by Gordon Apps.
Artwork by Clíona Ní Laoi.


1. Soiled 04:22
2. Euphoria 05:17
3. Nails 03:12
4.The Ceremony 04:31
5. Bones Of The Dancers 05:14
6. The Dead Don't Forget / Clouds Over The Moon 07:21
7. Belief System 01:04
8. Skeleton Samba 05:26
9. Putrid 02:58
10. The Alter 01:29
11. Procession To Nowhere 10:01
12. Toxic Sweat 05:43
13. Liber Nox 02:41


The Ceremony

The Dead Don't Forget

The Alter