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Salvatore Genovese/Mike Davis - Be True


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One of our favourite US techno labels returns with a split 12” from Mike Davis and Salvatore Genovese.

‘Battle4’ from Davies quickly marks out a slinky groove, genetic energy provided by a supple bassline which we dare you not to move to, add a filtered lead melody and you’re in full on hypnotic techno territory, just how we like it and essential for the smaller hours sessions.

‘Battle1’ on the same side is, as the title would suggest, cut from the same cloth as the previous workout, it’s more stripped back though, chunky kicks and fizzy hi-hats thinly mask a crafty acid line which is working overtime in the low end of the mix - top stuff.

Flip it over for the quite frankly, mind-bending trips from Salvatore Genovese, who offers a freewheeling assemblage of drums which appear to fall themselves at times, add a psychosis inducing synth workout and you’re in that magic space inhabited by the likes of Pev and the Livity Sound gang.

Freaky techno jams for the heads, these all demand repeated listening - enjoy!



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