• BUNIT002

Sam Binga & Om Unit - Transatlantic EP


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Fresh repress of the ever in-demand first White Label from Binga & Om Unit -- BUNIT001 -

As we're sitting here with the Test Pressing of 002, eagerly waiting for that to drop, we thought it was about time we stock this first run from the pair of (now) Bristolians first.

Peak-time dancefloor wreckers and late-night floor-euphoria alike, there's a nice mixture of club styles on here from two of the UK's most active purveyors of rhythm and bassline.

Binga's ability to amp up the energy with his hyperactive twist on the jungle continuum, and Om Unit's deft use of low-gravity pads and extra-terrestrial soundscapes are displayed in fine style, these are sure to uplift the massive and create all sorts of moves in the dance... From gunfingers, to knees-up, to heads down and batty ina the air - this one is for all dancers & DJ's who like to move it in versatile style!

Hand-stamped, white label.