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Sam Binga & Redders - Tek Nuh Chat EP


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Sam Binga returns to Critical with Redders for a killer 4 tracker, smashing the boundaries of D&B to pieces! Nuh Chat is on a whole other level, fusing elements of greazy hip-hop with digital dub and a Hefty sprinkling of dancehall influence in there as well.

What is most striking about the EP is just how playful it is, a proper wildcard in the pack, the beats are more than tough enough, the kicks boom, the amens are jagged but are laced with infectious melodies from ultra bright synths. Redders is on top form, following on from ‘Ayo’ effortlessly with his trademark relaxed flow ‘yo darlin’, tell me what’s gwarnin’…

There are two big vocal cuts on here while the other two explore different territory altogether, the pitch bent bounce of ‘Elastic and the Maurizio meets Bassbin era Breakge of ‘Chasic’, dub techno and jungle combined into something greater than the sum of it’s parts.

This is the work of a truly unique producer in a world where the word gets thrown around all too easily - this is the real deal, deadly.

Support from Kasra, Om Unit, Friction to name but a few.

>>Blue marbled vinyl with DL code included<<

Tek Nuh Chat