Samoyed - Always From This Point


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Limited cassette edition of Samoyed's lost debut album, from 2008 -

Served up in a crisp DIY manner, with woodblock prints and silver ink stamps lacing the shell and sleeve, the first release on the 'Flask' imprint comes in the shape of this 13 track tape, of which five are previously unreleased bonus tracks, and the remaining eight are sourced from Samoyeds first CDR release back in 2008.

Throughout the course of this cassette, timestretched field recordings, muted guitar feedback and unlikely chord progressions intermingle in harmony, Samoyed manages to bind each of the frequencies in to slow tempo'd loops that stretch out longer than your sunday country walk.
It's a mellow introspective trip, playing with silence and anticipation whilst the tonal spectrum climbs and descends through its' meditative stages.

Limited edtion of 50, hand-numbered.
Served with a tasty looking woodblock printed foldout insert,
printed on Japanese washi paper and speckled with silver ink.
Silver Flask stamp on cassette shell.

1: Trumpet O' Doom
2: After All That
3: To Feel A Body
4: Simmer Lunt
5: Making Snow
6: Fuck
7: Ouch
8: For Leaving
9: Alba
10: Gold
11: Latch
12: Fir
13: Snd

To Feel A Body

Making Snow