• Samuli Tanner - Mutka
  • Samuli Tanner - Mutka

Samuli Tanner - Mutka

Ronet Records

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Refreshingly mad and uncategorizable oddball gem pressed to 7", presenting Samuli Tanner's frantic (and addictive) Mutka on the A side, with a perfectly mashed up percussive remix by freakmaster Jimi Tenor on the fip.
Served via the nicely eclectic Ronet Records, one to look out for if you like to dig in the fringes for your findings.
...AFX, watch your back, this one is coming for you and it didn't need any lasers. 

7" disc, pressed to great standard and sold for a decent price too.

A. Mutka

B. Mutka (Jimi Tenor Remix)