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Saturn And The Sun - In The Name Of Psychic Expansion


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Reissue of impossibly rare acetate 7” from The iDEALIST (Joachim Nordwall) & Henrik Rylander. Originally released in 2015 as an edition of just 20 for iDEAL Recordings, now being rekindled by our friends in Moscow, Stellage.

What we have here are a pair of genuinely unnerving synth oddities. Though they differ from each other substantially, there’s a thread through them both that recalls the early daze of electronic tinkering. There’s a seductive naivety at play here, channeling the pioneering industrial experiments from the likes of Stockhausen through to Throbbing Gristle. Mood and atmosphere are paramount. By the creeps, for the creeps.

Rare copies outside of Russia - comes in printed sleeve with artwork by Jack Davey.

In The Name of Psychic Expansion 05:06

Deep Learning Situation