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Saturn And The Sun - The New Age Is Shit


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Import str8 from Russia, via the house of Stellage!

Ruff’n’ready slab in via Gothenburgian duo Joachim Nordwall (The Idealist) and Henrik Rylander, with more of that ‘stomp holes in the floor’ elektro-punk psychosis -
their best to date, for our $$$...

Monomaniacal rhythmical obstinacy is the name of the game on opener ‘Determination’, channeling the whole continuum of U.S. noisenik techno-punx from Smersh and Strangulated Beatoffs thru to Container and Shit & Shine. We’re talking gnarled elektro repeao-beat that just gets better & better the longer it runs, ever dialing up the tinnitus. Ultra blown-out always-in-the-red distortion-overload delivered via a rudimentary set-up of “No-input mixing desks, analogue synthesizers, drum machine and effects.” Deployed at the right club at the right time, this could be genuinely revelatory.

‘Seen It All Been It All’ is a plinking staccato plonker, sounding quite a lot like a bustling Martian artillery factory. ‘Stuck In A Dead End, Man’ is another low-energy pulser, hiss & fizz mounting over a steady clap.

Title track and closer is the most abstract of the lot. By this point I’m getting the impression the machines have gained consciousness and desperately want nothing to do with it. Spiralling brain-blur hum. Cathartic hypnosis for the dead-eye red-eye gang.

Monochrome headbangerz >>
If you feel the pain of this, you probably already felt the pain of these -
Bad Tracking, Esplendor Geometrico, Techno Animal/Kev’s 1999 ‘Collision Course’ compilation.

1. Determination
2. Seen It All Been It All
3. Stuck In A Dead End, Man
4. The New Age Is Shit


Seen It All Been It All

Stuck In A Dead End, Man

The New Age Is Shit