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Deadly new wares creeping outta Bristol from Scalping via London's Council Records -

This record presents the debut 12" from an outfit that has been gaining a steady reputation in recent years, as a border-crossing live act, combining the heavy imminency of a 'full throttle noise and punk band' with 'off-the-wall dance music', in other words - it's a band that combines the raw, live & direct imminency of live guitars & drums with a whole load of electronic fuckery via pedals and loopers to create hybrid technoid styles - fans of Giant Swan's original incarnations will know the drill and understand the value this has.

No better way to further cement the glue between 'live' and 'electronic' scenes - which are, in Bristol at least - slowly merging (and we're glad!) - than to call on two of the cities most prized producers and DJ's: October & Bruce on remix duties....

October, someone who is already well versed from the school of punk, industrial, disco, acid & EBM, shows once again that he is the master at creating a wholly unique spin on classic styles, tastefully staying true to the origins whilst engineering with a strong head of his own.
With this remix he transforms the acidic tendencies of the original into something wet & watery, I'd like to call it a 'liquid acid' sound - not sure if that term has already been taken though (in music terms).
It's an absolute killer, this one will have your pupils dilating in the dance!

Bruce, another strong character that Bristol can be proud to call it's resident, comes with a deft re-lick of 'Satan II', sounding like a high definition chopped & screwed refix which contains all that magic of that feeling when you play one of your favourite records at the wrong speed and it opens up whole new spaces in the rhythms, and the increased focus on the detail of each sound.
Both remixes are so different, yet they compliment the record perfectly - wicked executions from all fronts.

Use the Scalping originals to mosh & fist pump 'til all your frustrations are gone, then take the trip with October & Bruce to sweat out all the residue badness.
It's a cleansing act.

These come housed in a beauty of a sleeve, we were well pleased when the postie dropped these off yesterday...


Satan II

Chamber (October RMX)

Satan (Bruce RMX)